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aws cyber security salary

As a Security Engineer you will work cross-functionally to assess risk and help deliver countermeasures that protect customers and company data. You will work with engineering teams to create solutions that solve or remediate security problems. You’ll advise peers, managers, and senior leaders in order to help influence and drive partner-team compliance in the form of data classification, regulatory obligations, and other security goals. The impact of our work, the complexity of the technical challenges we solve, and the volume of requests we process are a testament to the significant part the team plays in ensuring that customers have the security and reliability they need. This year’s Global Knowledge 2020 IT Skills and Salary Report reflects the wealth of opportunities IT professionals have to boost their pay.

Cloud Security Engineer

Tell us a bit about what you want to do and we’ll keep you posted on relevant roles and what we’re building at AWS. The AWS Security team shapes and executes the security model for AWS, addressing important considerations for companies thinking about adopting cloud technology. We are also a product team that develops services to provide access control, threat detection, and DDoS protection, allowing companies to scale and innovate in a secure environment. These solutions enable customers to define their own security policies and help developers build cloud-backed applications that are secure.

We dive deep into security technologies to innovate and provide our customers the best possible experience with every transaction that happens in the cloud. Our projects include building new authentication systems, enhancing cryptography, and conducting massive-scale audit analysis. Though education and certificates are excellent ways to confirm abilities and lay aws certified security specialist a foundation of knowledge, nothing matches real-world experience in the job market, especially in a field where skills are in short supply, such as cloud technology. Given this mammoth rate of uptake, it’s unsurprising that 81 percent of AWS partners who responded to the survey stated they’d increased the number of projects they’d completed in the previous year.

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These data demonstrate the growing trend of providing non-traditional working alternatives, as technological advancements and adjustments in views toward work-life balance make greater flexibility possible. Second, their clients who are currently utilizing AWS are gradually moving other services to the cloud.